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Spike Protein

  • Coated Silver 4 drops daily drops per day (blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell and to fold incorrectly)  Link Below to buy

  • NAC  1200 to 1800 mg daily split in equal dosages

  • Zinc (30-80mg) after 30 days must add one with copper since zinc long-term depletes copper

  • Vitamin D3 (sublingual or liposomal 5,000 IU’s per day)

  • Lypospheric Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)

  • Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)

  • Iodine (go slow and use externally at first)

  • PQQ (20-40 mg per day)

  • Resveratrol (breaks spikes similar to silver above)


All others can be found here or on Amazon as well.  There are several options/brands/mg's for each item.  Choose only one not all for a same name such as NAC offers over 5 options, you only need 1. 


Prevention is half the bottle dosage while exposure would be bottle dosage and symptoms bottle plus 50% dosage.  Example:  Bottle says 1 twice a day.  Prevention 1 daily, exposure 1 twice a day and symptoms 1 three times daily.

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