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Herbal Basics for Beginners: normally $200 NOW only $100.

This course will be offered one time live (recording purposes) with bonus support and Q&A.

Here is the course outline and it will start in January. Those previously enrolled can retake this live class for free.

Intro to Homeopathy  $5.00

This course will be offered one time live (for recording purposes) with bonus support, Q&A, discounted kits etc. You will learn the principles, foundation, origination, laws and various techniques (types) of homeopathy. You will know they are made, what a repertory verses a materia medica is and how to use them. We will discuss proving, how to’s, dosing, etc etc.


Staying Healthy for the Season: Free (must register) 


December 11th 8:30 PM ET

Weekly Calls

Starting in January there will be a weekly call with random topics related to health.  The first one is about starting the new year off right without resolutions.  Come join us!


January 15th 8:30 PM Eastern Time (must register)

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