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We have a variety of services for everyone, including your pets.  


We have a wide variety of services that we offer. 

  • Wellness Scans offer a wide array of scans utilizing the bio-communication galvanic skin response (GSR) technology which is similar to a lie detector.​

    • You can simply make your choice on the type of scan when you make your appointment

    • Appointments are normally your Initial scan, Follow-up (once you have had your initial scan), Evox (reframing), or a wide variety of additional wellness options.  The wellness options do not have consultations with one of our Practitioners/Partners.  If you need to speak to some one,  the Initial assessment is the best option for you. Whether you are wanting to feel better by having more energy, lose weight, sleep better or whatever your desires are, we have a scan for you. To learn more about the technology click hereClick to Make Your Appointment (must have access to a cradle)

  • Health Profile Questionnaires to help you assess weakness (no scan) and suggest balancers (supplements) based on the many questionnaires we offer. Click to Make Your Appointment

  • Thermography Recommendation and Scan in which you send us your thermography and we will run a scan to see what balancers will help bring your body into balance.  This scan also includes a stressor report as well as emotional support using Bach Flowers, Essential Oils and other items. Click to Make Your Appointment

  • Emotional Support Scan that includes Bach Flowers, Essential Oils and other items. Our scans for these services can help you know which one is right based on your body's preference and not just a questionnaire in which can change based on mood.  The scan differs in that your current mood does not affect the results. Click to Make Your Appointment

  • Q.T.I.P. ( Quit Taking It Personal. ) sessions.  A way to remove yourself from pain and hurt and start healing.  See below for more information. Click to Make Your Appointment


This is a 50 minute session where we talk about issues that are interrupting your balance and harmony.  Like finding and releasing the Piece that keeps us from our Peace.  We often bumper our way through life and this can assist in releasing negative personal mindsets and can be complimented and combined with Perception Reframing. 

Temperament Therapy  

Temperament Therapy does not measure a person’s behavior; it identifies a person’s inborn, temperament. Who we were created to be (temperament) and who we become (through learned behavior) can be entirely different. We need to find out who we really are, and find ways to become the person Who we are truly are (the true self) instead of the person we have learned to be (the masked self) can be difficult to discover. Our system helps you find who you were created to be. 
The system looks at a person’s temperament needs in three different areas

Inclusion – social orientation. It addresses our need to be around others.
Control – are we relatively independent or dependent upon others in relationship situations.
​Affection – how much love and affection do we require from our deep personal relationships.



We are here to help you reach the balance you've always desired. 

Scans using bio-communication through galvanic skin response (GSR) technology to manage your body's needs is a wonderful way to discover your body's preferences to improve and balance your body for optimum health.


​Additional Information


Our assessments are our primary and most popular service.  Through Bio-Communication your body is asked what it needs to bring itself back into balance, and thoroughly discuss the results with you.  Assessments are offered remotely throughout the world using a hand cradle (purchased separately).

Animal Scans

Unfortunately, our animals can't tell us what their bodies need for optimal balance.  We now offer assessments to you for your horses, goats, dogs, cats, iguanas and chickens only.  We hope to expand our animal services in the near future. 

Animal Scans require setup PRIOR to the appointment to make sure the equipment is working properly.  For any outdoor animals a USB extender will need to be purchased and have access to a laptop prior to your appointment. This is for your safety and protection of all equipment. 

Skpe/Zoom option is available in some cases where there is no coach available.

Perception Re-framing/Evox

Voice remapping analyzes your voice to reveal areas of your life and body that are unbalanced.  We then work to correct the imbalances and return your body to a state of harmony.   

​Homeopathics and Supplements

Homeopathics are all-natural substances that promote internal balance.  They have been used for centuries to treat diseases and are completely safe.  These should be combined as recommended for maximum effectiveness.  All homeopathics and supplements are available through our online store for our clients.


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