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Benefits of  using Terahertz wand technology :

· Activate weak and inactive stem cells

· Balance stress

· Boost eyesight and hearing

· Cleanse blood impurities

· Create linear restructured water

· Counteract harmful EMFs

· Detoxify the lymphatic system

· Enhance microcirculation and remove clumps

· Erase varicose veins

· Harmonize brain hemispheres

· Improve anti-aging, beauty, hair, and skin

· Increase metabolism and weight loss

· Lower blood pressure

· Mitigate headaches

· Optimize nutrient uptake

· Reduce Inflammation

· Rejuvenate libido and balance sexual dysfunction

· Relieve discomfort (back, joints, neck, sciatica, shoulder, etc.)

· Remove water retention

· Repair damaged cells and remove unhealthy ones

· Sharpen mental focus and memory

· Strengthen the immunity system

·  Energy/Mood Booster


There are so many benefits to list.

Terahertz Wand (1 wand plus shipping)

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