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What am I looking at?

Imagine looking in the mirror and what expression do you have when you are, happy, sad, mad, scared, nervous, excited, confused, shocked, brave or proud?  Now get a piece of paper and draw some circle and draw your face in each one for the feelings listed.

How you do feel looking at the piece of paper? Do you have other feelings you need to draw? If so, draw them. 

This exercise to to show you how other might perceive you and how they may not be the same.  Some people are not expressive and some are very expressive. 

Ask yourself, are these true or am I putting on a face to cover up something?

Our expressions can tell us a lot about ourselves. Perhaps you are more aware of yourself on the inside and out. How do you feel looking back at your self?

When you feel or see the feelings you just drew what can you tell yourself to feel better?  By each face make a note on what you can do to feel better or what you need to service the feeling.

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