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Our Mission and Purpose (MLM's)

People often ask me to get into and build another MLM and the answer is always, no thank you on building but I will be glad to look at it.


The answer is easy, my clients are my loyalty and not a MLM company with all the rules that can come with them. Years ago I was in a MLM and I loved it. LOVED it all! I built a huge group and one year at convention after I had reached the top rank and I walked away. Or so I thought I did. I was in fact not walking away from but toward something. Something more in alignment with the purpose and mission of my business. I was in fact walking toward my clients in a manor that was both fulfilling for us both.

Loyalty to my clients and what their body is calling for me is more important than loyalty to a brand. No company has it all for everyone. This is what was frustrating to me at the time and still does today in a way. I love all types of products from various companies and a lot were and still are MLM's.

I do belong to a few MLM's today because I love the products. Some are even better than some of the practitioner only ones I have access to. While I may not be actively growing a team, I do have a few members I nurture, mentor and cheer them on. I love helping people in all MLM's know what supplements/oils/herbs etc. that their body is asking for to help balance them. It is rewarding to help them understand their self and the product better. I even love partnering with them to grow their own MLM and it is such a joy to see them reach different ranks and win prizes and trips. I love it.

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