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PCR/Rapid/Antibody Test

•Rapid Test: protein fragments specific to the Coronavirus,  15 minutes, best when symptomatic. Claim:50-70% accurate antigen test looks for molecules on the surface of the virus

•PCR Test: detects RNA (or genetic material) that is specific to the virus and can detect the virus within days of infection, even those who have no symptoms 2 – 3 days. Claims: 85-95% accurate, but have some issues with cycles and chromosome 8 (see the Video below)

•Antibody Tests: looks for SARS-CoV-2 in the blood to determine if there was a past infection.

From the slide show and highly controversial 

•Kary B Mullis invented the PCR test that’s being used as the Covid-19 test (see the video below)

•Died suddenly in August 2019 this

•PCR test was not made to detect any type of infectious disease (HIV was his example) (see video below)

•Signature of DNA and RNA of the person being tested issues

•Example HIV and how it could not pick up the disease but signatures in the cell. Most cells contain identical information

•Campaigned hard to stop it being used as a diagnostic test for HIV


Does this apply in this case? This is where it gets more controversial and confusing depending on the source


30 cycles 97% false positives (this is a fact they say) some might argue 40 is a better number, however not over that as we did know to be the case in 2020 early 2021.

Designer says this is not made for this.

•Canadian Dr. Vollmer  found that the COVID-19 test does not actually test for COVID-19. The test itself is a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that identifies DNA particles and has concerns like Mullis in actually testing results.

•The COVID-19 test is done using reagents to extract an RNA sample. An enzyme called reverse transcriptase converts RNA into a complementary DNA sequence. DNA (called “primer”) is reproduced (amplified) several times so that the sought DNA sequence can be detected. The more replication cycles, the more likely it is that the targeted sequence will be detected along with past illness, exposure or Chr 8.

•This is why tests (IN HER OPINION) gives 80% false-positive results for COVID-19 and why so many people tested positive are described as asymptomatic.

As with all information items are being censored and deleted, let me know if you have questions

PCR Video

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