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Terahertz Wand





Last Christmas I bought 2 wands on special.  I saw it in action and had to test it for my self.  I thought there is no way this hair dryer thing was going to do anything for my clinic. Boy was I wrong.

Here are all the things it has been used for so far since July 20th.

Activate weak and inactive stem cells

Balance stress

Boost eyesight and hearing

Cleanse blood impurities

Create linear restructured water

Counteract harmful EMFs

Detoxify the lymphatic system

Enhance microcirculation and remove clumps

Erase varicose veins/spider veins

Harmonize brain hemispheres

Improve anti-aging, beauty, hair, and skin

Increase metabolism and weight loss

Lower blood pressure

Mitigate headaches

Optimize nutrient uptake

Reduce Inflammation

Rejuvenate libido and balance sexual dysfunction

Relieve discomfort (back, joints, neck, sciatica, shoulder, etc.)

Remove water retention

Repair damaged cells and remove unhealthy ones

Sharpen mental focus and memory

Strengthen the immunity system

Energy/Mood Booster

This week alone:
Bell's Palsy
Inflamed knee
Post surgery pain and inflammation
Reset the nervous system post car accident
Help a child sleep
Throat pain
Ear pain
Carpal Tunnel
Neck pain

A dog, cat and goat
Stomach Pain
Spots on mouth/nose and skin (the C word)

So where can you get one?

You can get 1 for $400 or 2 on special right now for $530. 
The 2 for special ends on the 9th.
Click here

There are so many more uses!

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