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Counseling and Therapy

Biblical Counseling / Temperament Therapy/Premarital Counseling

We utilize a God centered, biblical based counseling method called Temperament Therapy.  Temperament Therapy is predicated upon the fact that man is a uniquely created being rather than the result of an evolutionary process.  Accordingly the therapy is derived from the “Theory of Temperament” which states that God places within every person the emotional characteristics necessary to accomplish His plan and purpose for their life.  Research indicates that Temperament Therapy is more than ninety percent (90%) successful when administered by a “Certified Temperament Counselor”, trained in this technique.

Temperament Therapy is successful because it allows the counselor to address issues at the source, the inner man, rather than the outer manifestations or “symptoms” giving you a better understanding of the person God created you to be and open the door to healing and restoration.  This therapy should bring you closer to God and will help you identify areas of unmet or corrupted emotional needs that are the root cause of most emotional problems and issues.

Premarital Counseling

We offer a 4 session premarital course designed to meet the State of Tennessee requirement for a discounted marriage license.

The cost of this is a flat fee for $275.00

One reason we are able to keep our fees low is by using our time to work with clients, not insurance companies.  You may find that our fees are lower than your coinsurance or deductible.  In fact, research has shown that the average counseling relationship lasts 6-8 sessions!  With our rates, you may not even reach your deductible!

​These appointments can be scheduled by filling out the contact form.  We will contact you to schedule directly. 

The ancient Greek word for wound is trauma. Simply defined, trauma is a deeply disturbing experience that can create extreme stress and overwhelm the body and the mind.

Statistics show that almost 70% of people have experienced a traumatic event.

Research shows alternative treatments and therapies are also helpful and as successful as traditional medicine and therapy.  Our office offers many solutions to help you.  You can click on services to see a listing. 
In the depths of grief.  I think most of us can relate to some level of grief with the loss of someone dear; from anything that is traumatic whether it be in the past or a present event. People feel shattered, numb, sad, anguished, shocked... The Bach Flowers are the comforter and soother of pains and sorrows. Some common causes of grief : loss of loved one, accident, post operation, birth and post birth, miscarriage, fights, arguments, abuse, job loss, injury, news of terminal illness, change, retirement, divorce.

The grief can be part of a bigger picture of emotions and responses which also need to be considered when choosing your Bach Flowers and hence supporting and completing your healing process.  Examples: reminders of your loved one, intense longing, problems accepting, bitterness, depression, withdrawn, lack of trust, anger.

The Bach Flowers are a safe, gentle, subtle tool to help you restore emotional/mental balance, to realign your personality to be more in tune with your inner knowing; to bring about change in your life.

The Bach Flowers treat the whole person - mind, body, soul and spirit. The subtle effect you will notice : feeling uplifted, energized, positive, calm, stress dissipating, physical symptoms starting to shift, sleeping better, more compassionate etc.

Suitable for any situation in life - from pregnancy/birth, childhood, parenting, partnerships, work, social, traumatic events, speeches, exams, various conditions and illnesses....(source from

If you need immediate help or feel threatened, endangered or thoughts of suicide, please reach out for help.  You are not alone.  Here is a list of numbers you can call to reach someone right now.  Simply click this link.

The Arno Profile System is a clinical diagnostic tool used by the National Christian Counselors Association to assess a person’s God-given temperament. It is extremely valuable in helping the client better understand themselves and also for the counselor to be more effective with each person.

Understand Your God-Given Temperament 

Do you struggle with understanding why you react in certain ways in different situations?
Do you wish you were more like someone else and question God about why He made you this way?
As you understand your temperament strengths and weaknesses, it will help you immensely in every area of your life:

how you interact with people
how to make better decisions
what types of employment are you best suited for
how to communicate more effectively
learn how to deal with your anger
and so much more!

You will be able to use your strengths to bless others and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to transform your weaknesses.

It is especially powerful in couples, family and marriage counseling situations because one better understand each other’s needs they are better able to meet them if they have a willing spirit! Needs must be met in healthy ways or unhealthy behaviors will typically result!


How can you meet someone’s needs (or your own) unless you know what they are?

The methodology we use (the Arno Profile System from the National Christian Counselors Association) identifies three separate human interactions and identifies each one in two different ways. You complete a short questionnaire, our Licensed Christian Counselor will generate the report and go over it with you.

The cost for the profile is $115 plus test fee (you receive your personal report) plus a counseling session.
You’ll get answers to questions like these:

Inclusion (our need to be around others)
“Am I a loner or a social butterfly.. or somewhere in between?
“Is the need I show, the need that I really have?”
“What are the strengths and weakness of this need?”

Control (need to be in charge or be dependent in relationships and desire to take on responsibilities)
“Am I independent, dependent or somewhere in between?
“Is the need I show, the need that I really have?”
“What are in the strengths and weaknesses of this need?”

Affection (interaction in deep relationships)
“How much affection do I need from my close personal relationships?
“Is the need I show, the need that I really have?”
“What are in the strengths and weaknesses of this need?”
There are five different temperament types and you could be different in each area; you were fearfully and wonderfully made! 

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